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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ponds Victoria

I met Dave Stuart at my store this fall, after inquiring about building a demo pond at Urban Oasis. He is a great resource for all that is ponds so I am featuring his web-site here.

Here's Dave
Here's Dave

I created to provide easy access to purchase pond supplies as well as a quick responsive delivery system.

As we enter into the next decade on line shopping has become a very easy and safe way to buy your pond supplies. As a commitment to our customers fair pricing as well as customer service will always be my top priority.

While working for the last six years as the pond manager at a local pond store, I have talked to many people and they have shared with me many of their fish and pond problems.

Having ponds of my own for the last twenty years has taught me that ponds and water features can be a very rewarding (hobby) experience.

The most common mistake is usually the approach. You must start by using the proper pond or water feature equipment for the job. As the old saying goes do it once and do it right. A pond feature should not be something that you are constantly working on.

I love what I do and would be more than happy to help you with any of your pond needs or questions.

EMAIL: TEL: 250 544-0806

Check Out Dave's Gallery of work


Consultations are a flat rate of 55.00

I will come spend an hour answering questions and give you advise and ideas about your existing pond or water feature or ways to improve or add on to it.

If you are thinking of adding a new water feature, discussing a game plan for success. What ever your needs, book your appointment via email or

call 250-544-0806

Hope to hear from you soon.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Alpha Yardworks

Jesse Wood

Landscape and maintenance builds, irrigation, masonry, carpentry and gardening services.

Phone1 250.391.6211

Monday, April 7, 2008

Good to Grow Landscape Solutions

My friend Theresa and I worked together a number of years ago. Theresa has been involved in Horticulture both as a grower, and Garden Centre management. She is a perennial expert! I am excited to hear she has entered the Landscape field, her expertise will be be much appreciated on any job.

Good Luck Theresa and Anne

warmly Sandra

Hey Sandra,

Anne Taylor and I are partners and started Good to Grow Landscape Solutions Inc. We are doing design and installation as you can see by the pic's.
We just started a month or so ago. We don't have a web site or anything yet but if you want to put us on your blog that would be great.

Our company phone number is 888-4721 (my cell) and we are mostly based out of the west shore.

Some maintenance would be okay too. Our e-mail is goodtogrow@telus.netWe'll swing by the store one of these days and chat. Talk to you soon,

Theresa Boggs

Saturday, December 15, 2007

hiring a gardener, or landscape proffesional

Hiring a gardener in Victoria can be a daunting task.

The local papers have a number of adds in the service sections, Garden centre's and clubs may be reluctant to make referal's, and many gardener's are fully booked. A great gardener is a fabulous thing. Word of mouth is often a good method, so that is the intention of this site.

There are a number of questions to consider when hiring a gardener. The first should be a clear understanding of the services you require. The kid down the block could do, or an expert may fit better. The lowest, or highest prices may be poor indicators of value or experience so it is good to clarify the background of your gardener.

Ask for some referals, a happy customer usually wants to promote a job well done.

The University student with a truck and a strong back is great for basics, but an expert will do a better job pruning your prize plantings, and fine tuning your beds. Sometimes a great value is hire the neighbour kid, or grandchild, but work with a garden coach, you get the expertise, and piece of mind, save a little, while giving a kid his first job.

I hope if you know a great gardener you will reccomend him on this site. Send me your comments, and I will publish them.I only refer gardeners that I have first hand knowledge of. If your a gardener you may still post on this site, but... so everyone knows these are not referals. Your clients are welcome to post referals here.
good luck and happy gardens